Recommended Resources

These individuals and companies provide a range of valuable and reliable services. Please let them know that I sent you!

Dr. David Anderson, D.C.

Owner, Anderson Chiropractic

Dr. Anderson adjusts without the crunch, helping patients find relief. 707.528.3610,

Sharreh Bagby

owner, Rhapsody Floral Design

Rhapsody Floral Design‘s creations are unique and lovely, and can last for weeks. Sharreh@rhapsodyfloral.com 707.765.1107

Michael Bagley

Investment Advisor

Michael Bagley brings intelligence, experience and compassion to his clients, increasing value while protecting assets.     707.523.7400

Tom Bickford

Gaia Energy Systems

Tom Bickford, with Gaia Energy Systems,   helps his customers achieve their dreams of energy independance.      707.621.0415

Diane Brooks-Sax

Senior Paralegal

Diane is Senior Paralegal with husband Richard Sax, a compassionate attorney… and a very good one. My only choice for legal questions.     707.525.1824

Bonnie Clark

owner, Lotus Healing and Yoga

Bonnie is truly gifted. She can relax, sooth, and heal.     707.529-.3433

David Comfort

owner, Sleepless Digital

David is a gifted designer with superior marketing knowledge.     707.527.5827

Robert De Wan

owner, Visionary Builders

Robert has all the tools, all the skills, and pride in his work.     707.529.1476

Linda Miki Dohemann

owner, Transformation Synergy

Linda is a wonderful coach who focuses on results, helping her clients get out of their own way.     808.443.8243

Janice Drescher

Owner, Intentional Leaders

Janice Drescher helps business owners who feel run by their businesses. She can implement processes and practices that put them in charge. info@intentionalleaders.com     707.887.8488

Jim Hood

Owner, Intellis

Jim Hood, owner of Intellis. I rely on him to help my clients using PCs. He always has a solution. jhood@intellis-tech.com      707.765.0987

Jeff Lecoeuche

Jeff Lecoeuche Insurance Agency

Jeff and his staff provide the insurances services – professional and individual – we all wish we had.    Jeff@lecoeuche.com     707.526.5222

Bill Matz

Pres., Fountain Grove Lending

Bill Matz is an attorney as well as a mortgage broker. He helps clients strategize mortgages as part of their tailored financial planning.     707.837.2161

Trish McLean

Terra Firma Global Partners

Trish McLean, with Terra Firma Global Partners is a great realtor who helps clients understand what then need to know. trish@trishmclean.com 707.529.1122

George Merrick

Interface Financial Group

George Merrick helps companies regularize their cash flow in order to afford growth. 707.996.3625

Melinda Mortimer

Dir. of Operations, Hooteo

Hooteo creates effective, responsive and contemporary websites. Great design and great results using modern SEO techniques. hello@hooteo.com    916.768.0056

Vinay Patel

Heartland Payment Systems

Vinay Patel helps simplify the credit card payment process for business owners.     707.758.5589

John Rea

Owner, Flamingo Auto Repair

Flamingo Auto takes care of my car, and many of my colleagues cars. Dependable, honest service from great people. 707.545.1188

Julie Schlander

Owner, Healthy Living With Julie

Julie Schlander offers great information, supportive coaching and accountability that helps learn new, healthier habits for life.  julieschlander@gmail.com     707.696.2519

Heidi West

Heidi West Catering

Heidi West Catering delivers fabulous food and great service. 25+ years of chef experience in high-end kitchens and with events. 707.696.9120

Marjory Armbrust

Owner, Armbrust Bookkeeping Service

Marjory has helped businesses hang on to their money while knowing how to maximize profits for more than two decades. She makes bookkeeping fun! 707.538.4673

Julian Corwin

Movement Rehabilitation Specialist

Julian uses several modalities to help clients become pain free, to recover from injury and be more healthy. He’s helped me a lot! JulianCorwin.com 707.636.4404