Many laptops have such tight tolerances in trying to minimize the thickness of the systems (I’m looking at you, MacBook) that keyboards and displays often make contact when the lid is closed. Dirt and gunk can transfer from the keys to the LCD screen. That’s not good, and that’s why you need the ScreenSavrz from RadTech.

Abrasions from the contact of keyboard and screen can also be a problem, reducing the useful life of the screen, as well as just making the desktop hard to see. Getting that dirt off the screen, keeping it off, and preventing the keys from abrading the LCD is a problem that RadTech has a fix for.

                <img class="thumb-image" src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54c95d06e4b04d8d26f97dde/t/57619b2b20c647ee74e4a15b/1466014512473/?format=1000w"/>The Screensavrz is piece of fabric designed to clean the screen of your laptop, and help keep it that way. The fabric is an ultra-micro fiber called Optex, which was specifically designed for polishing plastic optics. As it's a non-woven fabric, it can be cut to fit, and won't fray. The package includes the fabric and instructions.

In addition to keeping laptop displays clean and scratch free, ScreenSavrz are designed to reduce harmonic shock and vibration. This reduces the likelihood of cover glass and/or LCD panel breakage in the event of a drop or sharp impact. Note that the RadTech product isn’t guaranteed to prevent a dropped laptop from breaking; it may simply help minimize the damage. 

The cross-sectional thickness of each model of ScreenSavrz is matched to the notebook model that it’s intended to fit, so you shouldn’t use a ScreenSavrz that was designed for one model of notebook with another model. The ScreenSavrz is available for the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro screens and costs $14.95. ScreenSavrz — which comes in gray, indigo or black flavors — stow as easily as a dollar bill and can be washed hundreds of times.

If you’ve spent well over a thousand bucks for a laptop, spending 15 bucks for a ScreenSavrz is a smart investment.

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